April 8, 2020 Callaway County COVID-19 Update

Here is the latest COVID-19 update from the Callaway County Health Department.
The Callaway County Health Department has been notified of one (1) new positive COVID-19 case in Callaway County at this time.
The total number of positive cases is 19 (13 recovered, 5 active, 1 death).
Cleaning is critical during this time. Whether cleaning your home, workspace or vehicle, it is important to know that the items you use to clean should be disposed of properly when you are finished. Wipes are a great way to quickly clean and sanitize, but they should be thrown into the trash/solid waste containers instead of being flushed down the drain. Their packaging may say that it is safe to flush, but these items do not degrade in a sanitary sewer system and can cause a sewage backup into your home. City mains can become clogged easily with these products and septic tanks will also clog. Simply place these items as well as any gloves you are wearing into the trash.
Isolation and/or quarantine can cause issues with loneliness and depression since interaction with others is extremely limited or prohibited. Attached is information that can give guidance with coping with these issues. If at any time you need to speak with someone please contact The
Callaway County Health Department at 573-642-6881.
In addition, below is a link to pertinent information regarding those who are suffering from loneliness while under quarantine or practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.