April 21, 2020 Callaway County COVID-19 Update

The Callaway County Health Department has no new positive COVID-19 cases to report at this time. There are currently 20 cases, with 15 recovered, four active and one death.

If you don’t feel comfortable going out in public to vote on June 2 because you are medically vulnerable, close to someone who may be vulnerable or worried about being in a crowd, please contact the Callaway County Clerk’s office at 573-642-0730 to request an absentee ballot. The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is May 20.

COVID-19 tips the CDC website

Are you aware that older adults and people who have serious underlying medical conditions like chronic lung disease, serious heart conditions, and diabetes are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19? If your parent or another relative is an older adult or has a serious underlying medical condition, they should be aware of preparations to take:

· Stay home if possible
· Avoid close contact with people who are sick
· Take everyday preventive actions: wash hands often and avoid touching face, nose, and eyes
· Have over-the-counter medicines, medical supplies (like tissues), and extra necessary prescriptions
· Have extra household items and groceries on hand
· Make a plan for what to do if they get sick
· Routinely clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are touched often
· Consult with their healthcare provider if they have symptoms of COVID-19 Learn more at cdc.gov/coronavirus

Thank you to every citizen in Callaway County who have helped “flatten the curve” by staying at home, if possible, maintaining social distancing, and washing your hands.