May 26, 2020 Callaway County COVID-19 Update

The Callaway County Health Department has no new positive COVID-19 cases to report at this time. There are currently 26 cases, with 20 recovered, five active and one death.
Callaway County saw the first positive COVID-19 cases since May 1 this weekend – four in total. Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. Many people gathered with family and friends to help relieve the stress that we have all shared over the past months. There were instances where large parties occurred with a large number of people gathered. We pray that this does not turn out bad for the general public. As our numbers rose in Callaway County over the weekend, it is likely that we may see additional cases in the near future. Some may be from additional testing and some may be from direct contact with positive cases of COVID-19. Time will tell. Please do your part to keep this virus at bay. Continue all the safe practices that you have done in the past few week. This thing isn’t completely gone from us. Be smart. Be safe.
If you have a business or church and have questions on reopening and distancing, please call the Callaway County Health Department. We will come to your site or answer any questions we can over the phone.