May 28, 2020 Callaway County COVID-19 Update

The Callaway County Health Department has no new positive COVID-19 cases to report at this time. There are currently 26 cases, with 20 recovered, five active and one death.

Throughout our county, schools, colleges and universities are working to safely bring back students, faculty and staff this fall. Plans are being developed to provide in-class, virtual, and hybrid classes that will keep our children learning during the upcoming year. The Callaway County Health Department is collaborating with all of our teaching facilities to assist in any way with classroom set ups, food services, medical and emotional support for our Callaway County students. CCHD is excited to see the in depth thoughts and processes that are being developed. These processes will be very helpful in the future if we were to suffer such a tragedy as we have suffered this year. We learn from our decisions and the actions that we take. We are blessed to have such great people who are willing to go the extra mile for our younger population.

As the graduations continue and the thought of returning students being only a few months away, time is truly of the essence to complete these objectives. This has been a very tough year on students and faculty alike. School boards will again be making tough decisions. Through proper planning and with the help of the citizens of our great county, our children will be able to once again learn in a safe environment.

If you have a business or church and have questions on reopening and distancing, please call the Callaway County Health Department. We will come to your site or answer any questions we can over the phone.