May 29, 2020 Callaway County COVID-19 Update

The Callaway County Health Department has two new positive COVID-19 cases to report at this time. There are currently 28 cases, with 20 recovered, seven active and one death.
The weekend is upon us. It’s time for rest and relaxation. We will once again look at traveling and meeting with our friends and families. Please continue to practice social distancing as you go about your days. Governor Parson has extended phase one of the reopening of the State of Missouri until June 15, 2020. Gathering size restrictions have been increased and this means more people can congregate than in the past 2 months. When we think about this happening, we always believe that most people will guard themselves and others around them. This does not always happen and we are aware of that. Please use common sense when having a get together. Make sure that your guests are feeling OK. If you are planning to attend a gathering and don’t feel well, simply don’t go.
Have a safe weekend and keep up the great work you have done in the past.
If you have a business or church and have questions on reopening and distancing, please call the Callaway County Health Department. We will come to your site or answer any questions we can over the phone.