June 18, 2020 Callaway County COVID-19 Update

The Callaway County Health Department has nine new positive COVID-19 cases to report for this week. There are currently 41 cases, 30 recovered, ten active and one death.

In the future, we will be providing COVID-19 updates weekly, unless the Callaway County Commission decides a different schedule.

As the State of Missouri continues to open up, please remember to be considerate of others. If you are sick, stay home and try to social distance as much as possible. Wearing a mask is another way to protect yourself and others.

As more testing occurs, our numbers are likely to increase, please remember not everyone ends up in the hospital. Most are recovering at home. We do not give out information about the location of positive cases, only know that they are your fellow Callawegians.

If you have a business or church and have questions on reopening and distancing, please call the Callaway County Health Department. We will come to your site or answer any questions we can over the phone.