August 3, 2020 Callaway County COVID-19 Update

We seem to be in an active phase of COVID- 19. Callaway County numbers are up from last week. However it seems like cases are increasing in many other areas as well. Our region’s health departments are grouped by highway patrol areas. Callaway County is in Region F, one of 13 health departments in the region. Here are the standings for all of our region’s health departments in order, as posted August 2, 2020.

1. Boone County 1251
2. Cole County 0315
3. Camden County 0300
4. Audrain County 0193
5. Callaway County 0125 (Our internal count is 115. The difference between the numbers are cases that are given to us but the individuals do not reside in our county. We get them transferred when possible.)
6. Moniteau County 0123
7. Miller County 0096
8 Cooper County 0094
9. Morgan County 0067
10. Howard County 0046
11. Osage County 0039
12. Montgomery Co. 0036
13. Gasconade Co. 0020

We seem to be in the middle of the pack. The way to keep our numbers down is to be careful when out in crowds and to wash hands often. Masks offer protection to others, if you are positive and have not yet developed symptoms you could be spreading the virus. By wearing masks in public you cut down on the chance of spreading the virus without knowing it. Consider wearing masks when social distancing cannot be kept in situations outside of your family.

Callaway County totals as of today:
115 Total
80 Recovered
34 Active
1 Death