August 17, 2020 Callaway County COVID-19 Update

175 Total
121 Recovered (+8)
53 Active (+2)
1 Deaths
We had a fairly active weekend and are looking towards bringing additional help into the health department as we need it for contact tracing. We have reached out to some retired nurses in our community and our local Medical Reserve Corp for assistance. Callaway County Health Department staff are very busy contacting citizens and cannot answer individual calls requesting counts for our county. Please refer to for the latest counts.
This time of year we are more active and spend more time around friends and family. We all need to continue to be mindful of large and small gatherings. We are seeing positive asymptomatic individuals that have little to no idea where they could have contracted the virus. Wearing masks help, so individuals are encouraged to utilize masks. If you happen to be positive and are not symptomatic, they could protect the general public and friends from contracting the virus.