September 15, 2020


Current Active COVID-19 cases in Callaway County: 168

Since the pandemic began earlier this year, Callaway County has had a total of 509 positive cases, with 338 of those individuals making a full recovery and 3 deaths.

Public Health Officials are anticipating that several of the currently active cases we have today will be moved to the recovered list later this week. We have a lot of infrastructure within Callaway County that must be calculated into our number of active cases each day. The active cases are not only individual households but also include business and industry, as well as educational institutions within our community.

What is contact tracing?

Contract tracing is an important step in helping to contain a disease outbreak, in this case we are talking about COVID-19. In Callaway County, contract tracing/tracking is done by the Callaway County Public Health Department. It is done so that close contacts of a confirmed COVID-19 patient can be notified of a potential exposure as soon as possible.

Those contacted are provided with education, information, and support so they better understand their risk and what they should do to separate themselves from others who are not exposed. Even when a person does not feel ill, the infection can be spread to others. For more information on contact tracing please visit: