October 9, 2020


Current Active COVID-19 cases in Callaway County: 171

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Since the pandemic began earlier this year, Callaway County has had a total of 844 positive cases, with 669 of those individuals making a full recovery and 4 deaths.

We need to return to normal activities but just tweak them to provide a safer environment until we can get through this pandemic.  Out door activities are safer because there is more space and fresh air.  Indoor activities should be limited to immediate families. 

It is recommended when participating in Fall activities that you remain in your area and not travel long distances to other locations.  It is still not conclusive, but is thought there are various strains of COVID-19 that differ in severity.  While here in Central Missouri the current COVID-19 symptoms experienced seem to be mild, liken to that of a cold, in other areas they may be experiencing a more stringent strain where the symptoms are more severe.